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MD TAMS Journal

The Maryland Token And Medal Society has an active publication program that began in 1979 with the first issue of the MD TAMS Journal. It continues today as the foremost scholarly publication dedicated to the study of Maryland tokens, medals, and related exonumia.

The scope of our publications includes books, supplements, and our flagship publication – The quarterly MD TAMS Journal.

Our publications range from reference guides on Maryland exonumia to useful supplements for the Maryland token enthusiast.

The primary goal of the MD TAMS publication program is the continual advancement and progress in Maryland exonumismatic research, making the Society’s latest findings widely accessible to the greater exonumismatic community.

To view an archive MD TAMS Journals, please click here to go to the Newman Numismatic Portal.

Submission of Articles & Manuscripts

Research and articles are always welcome and encouraged, and should be submitted to the MD TAMS Journal Editor. Please see the contact section of this site on how to contact the MD TAMS Journal Editor.

Numismatic and historical opinions expressed by authors and contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the MD TAMS, its officers, or its editor.

MD TAMS reserves the right to edit or reject any copy submitted for publication.


Token images courtesy of Aaron Packard (MD TAMS).